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They come from the pig white, race originating in Central Europe improved by the intersection of race Duroc pigs, Piétrain, Landrace and Large White, of great productive capacity.

Dwell and played in all of Spain.

His regime is holding intensive, in captivity, with the pig stalls and very limited movements to avoid burnout. Requires a food-based feed composed mainly of cereals, and an age of less than the sacrifice of the Iberian pig.

His healing and maturation, ranging between 7 and 16 months, is controlled and takes place in modern facilities, "dryers", equipped with high technology, which replicates the environmental conditions and climate of natural cure, and allows for conditions quality and hygienic steady and controlled at all times. The name "cured ham" was protected as Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG) by Regulation 2419/1999 of the European Union.

In 1999 the European Union issued a regulation 2419/1999, which fits the "Jamon Serrano" in the register of traditional specialties guaranteed (TSG) in accordance with EEC Regulation 2082/1992.

Serrano ham thus becomes the first Guaranteed Traditional Specialty of the Spanish food industry and also the European Union to reserve the name. Only those manufacturers who comply with the terms of reference are established and certified by an independent external control, they can use the registered name "Jamon Serrano" and the symbol Community.

Quality Controls


Given the heterogeneity and sometimes difficult to identify the product, it's ham highlighting those that have achieved recognition and endorsement of the European Union as: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) or Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG), figures Community quality, backed by a rigorous regulation of development and control, apply to certain agricultural products and foodstuffs. Nationally, the councils are Regulators agencies monitoring and enforcement of the rules stipulated by regulations.

Protected designations of origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and traditional specialty guaranteed (TSG *) of cured ham in Spain:

HEADING FOR HOME Dehesa de Extremedura

Geographic area: The production area is located in the rangelands of oaks and live oaks of Badajoz and Caceres and his food is based on acorns

NAME OF ORIGIN "Ham Trevélez"

Geographical area: the area of development are the municipalities that have more than 1200 meters above sea level. These municipalities belong to the province of Granada, where we can grasp: Trevélez, Portuguese, Capileira, La Taha, Juviles, Bérchules, Busquistar and Bubión.

NAME OF ORIGIN "Ham of Teruel"

Geographic area: hams denomination of origin "Ham of Teruel" represents only 10% of the production of hams across the province. Nine counties that have dryers that are protected by the Regulatory Board, which regulates everything that has to do with this serrano ham, ensuring this product (breed of pigs, weighing them, and all the stages in the passing process of its preparation).

NAME OF ORIGIN "Jamon de Huelva"

Geographical area: this appellation of origin form the state government of Andalusia and Extremadura (the provinces of Cordoba, Cadiz, Huelva, Seville and Malaga) But the elaboration of these hams and pallets is carried out in Huelva


Geographic area: The area of production of pigs whose limbs later and earlier are suitable for the production of hams and pallets covered by the Denomination of Origin, is made up of the rangelands of oaks and cork trees belonging to the agricultural regions of the provinces of: Salamanca , Avila, Zamora, Segovia, Caceres, Badajoz, Seville, Cordoba, Huelva, Ciudad Real and Toledo.

NAME OF ORIGIN "The Ham Pedroches"

Geographic area: The production area for breeding and fattening pigs as well as the elaboration process includes the following municipalities in the province of Cordoba

Regardless of the protection and regulation Community, in Spain there are other public and / or private, whose aim is also to regulate and ensure the authenticity of the product aimed both at the domestic market as the international market and its "certification and / or watermarked "Act as guarantors of the raw material, traceability, processing and final product quality.

Following the opening of some markets to imports of Spanish cured ham, the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) feel the need to create a private, independent, non-profit, whose objectives, clearly defined, were: boost International recognition of Spanish ham and ensure the quality of hams that are marketed outside Spain.
Consorcio de Jamón Serrano y Real Ibérico, This project was developed with support from industry associations, became operational in the current institutions: Consortium Serrano Ham and Real Ibérico

Consortium of Spanish Iberian Ham

It is an independent association, non-profit since 1990 that brings together the major producers / exporters of "serrano ham" Spanish. Its main objective is the promotion of serrano ham, middle and high quality on the outside as well as to ensure, through rigorous checks, that products covered by the seal of the Consortium meet the quality standards set by him. Only a limited production of hams from the white pig, you receive the unique stamp of "Consortium of Serrano ham."

Jamon Serrano Foundation is a private, non-profit, whose role within the national level, is to improve and advance the knowledge, image and consumption of Serrano ham by requiring their members to meet stringent production methods and development in The specification of the traditional specialty guaranteed (TSG) of Serrano ham.

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Denominaciones de Origen

Jamón de Teruel
Jamón de Trevélez
Jamón de Extremadura
Jamón de Guijuelo
Jamón de Huelva
Jamón Los Pedroches

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